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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to the BA TESOL Program?
Do I need to student teach in order to get TESOL certification?
When will I be ready for student teaching?
What is field experience?
How do I begin my field experience?
Do I need any special documentation to begin my field experience?
When do I apply for student teaching?
How do I get assigned to a school district for student teaching?
Can I student teach in New York City schools?
How many days do I need to student teach?
What are the expectations when I am student teaching?
Since I will not be getting paid for student teaching, can I work while I’m student teaching?
Who can I reach out to during my student teaching placement?
Are there any other requirements for TESOL certification?
How can I learn more about student teaching and certification?
How can I satisfy the foreign language requirement for TESOL certification?