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Undergraduate Programs


Undergraduate Program Director:  Marie Huffman

Linguistics is the science of language. Language is at once the most diverse and the most clearly structured aspect of human behavior. It distinguishes humans from other species, and much of human culture depends on it. Understanding the nature of human language is, therefore, a key to understanding human nature. Linguists seek to discover the common features of the languages of the world, to understand how languages change over time and how language relates to other aspects of human society.The Department of Linguistics offers a major in Linguistics, a minor in Linguistics, as well as a program leading to initial certification in TESOL (PreK-12) and a 5-year combined BA/MA programs.

Note: If you would like to meet with the UG Program Director about declaring your major/minor, deciding what courses to take next semester or any other issue concerning your progress in the LIN major/minor, please schedule an appointment with her on the navigate app. To get started, go to