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BA/MAT Programs

Stony Brook Linguistics offers three BA/MAT programs: 

  • Five-year program in Linguistics and French
  • Five-year program in Linguistics and Italian
  • Five-year program in Linguistics and Spanish

These 5-year programs allow students to complete a BA with a double major in Linguistics and French, or Linguistics and Italian, or Linguistics and Spanish, plus an MAT in French, Italian, or Spanish, as well as dual certification in TESOL (ENL grades K-12) and French, Italian, or Spanish (grades 7-12). This program can be completed in 5 years with careful planning.

 Students in this program will be expertly trained in Linguistics and in their language of choice, with our rigorous undergraduate curriculum, a thorough foundation in general linguistics, and careful preparation in pedagogy and teaching methodology. The Master's program in French, Italian, or Spanish will provide students with the necessary skills to perfect their language ability and increase their fluency in the language. We also highly encourage students to study abroad, and we assist them in finding an appropriate program. Dual certification in TESOL (English as a Second Language/English as a New Language) and a foreign language will increase student marketability and make them extremely attractive to potential employers.

For more information, please consult:

Contact Information

Dr. Sarah Jourdain
Director World Language Teacher Preparation, Chair European Languages

Mariann Coogan
Director of TESOL Teacher Preparation and Certification

Please note:

1) If you have questions, please contact the department via email. Access to telephone messages is limited, and so response to telephone messages will suffer delay.

2) Due to the worldwide closure of testing centers, the Department of Linguistics is accepting scores from the Duolingo English test in lieu of scores from IELTS or TOEFL.  For Duolingo links, visit: