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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Stony Brook?
Do I need a BA in Linguistics or Computer Science?
So you teach to the lowest common denominator: if I already know linguistics and programming I won’t learn anything new?
But I already had several computational linguistics classes as an undergrad, your intro classes really are too basic for me!
I don’t know any programming. Do I have a chance against the other applicants?
I hate math. Should I consider a career in computational linguistics?
Can I be enrolled in the program and still work a full-time job?
But isn’t practical experience very important for landing a job?
I want to be a research scientist, should I go for a Ph.D. instead?
Can I transfer from the M.A. program into the Linguistics Ph.D. program at Stony Brook?
So what does the ideal candidate look like?
Is there anything I can do to strengthen my application?
When should I apply?
What should I submit as my writing sample?
Do GRE scores matter?
Do I have to take the GRE Mathematics Subject Test?
Do I have to provide IELTS or TOEFL scores?
Is there any financial support to cover the tuition?
I still have some questions. Who should I contact?