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Francisco Ordóñez

Photo Professor
Ph.D. 1997, City University of New York

Francisco Ordóñez was trained in the study of formal linguistics. His specialization has been the comparative study of the syntax of Spanish, its varieties and other Romance languages such as Catalan, French, Italian and Occitan dialects. His present research involves the study of the syntactic differences of the dialects of Spanish spoken in Latin America and Spain. In 2006 he received a three-year National Science Foundation Grant to study "Stress Patterns with Clitics and Weak Pronominals in Post-Verbal Position in Romance" with Lori Repetti for the amount of $192,000. He also co-founded Romania Nova with Mary Kato of Universidade de Campinas (Brazil). This projects explores varieties of Spanish and Portuguese spoken in Latin America.

Selected Articles
  • Syntactic Atlas of Spanish (ASinEs – Angel Gállego and Francesc Roca
  • Clitics of Romance Languages (Lori Repetti and Francisco Ordóñez) is a searchable database that allows users to examine data involving a class of pronouns (clitics) that are normally stressless, but which, in the languages under investigation, may exhibit or modify stress. The database includes text as well as audio files for minority Romance languages spoken in the South of France, the South and North of Italy, the Balearic Islands, and the islands of Corsica and Sardinia
  • The Clausal Structure of Spanish: a comparative perspective (2000), Outstanding Dissertations in Linguistics Series. Garland Publishing Company, New York.