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Undergraduate Courses Schedule (Summer 2022)

Summer Session 1 (05/23/2022-07/05/2022)
LIN 101 Human Language, MW 06:00PM-09:30PM, John David Storment
LIN 110 The Anatomy of English Words, Online Asynchronous, TBA
LIN 320 English Grammar, TUTH 06:00PM-09:30PM, TBA
LIN 380 Anatomy/Physiology of Speech, Online Asynchronous, Lisa Tafuro
LIN 381 Audiology, M 05:30PM-09:00PM or We 05:30PM-09:00PM, Joseph Hoffman
LIN 405 Writing in Linguistics, TUTH 01:30PM-03:45PM, TBA


Summer Session 2 (07/06/2022-08/16/2022)
LIN 200 Language in the United States, Online Asynchronous, Veronica Miatto
LIN 307 Sociolinguistics, TUTH 06:00PM-09:30PM, Rachel Christensen
LIN 344 Literacy Development, M 05:30PM-08:20PM, Grace Wivell
LIN 381 Language and Speech Disorders, MW 06:00PM-09:30PM, Grace Koeun Lee