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Note: Critical Information for 30-credit MA TESOL students (Emergency COVID-19 Certificate)

  • M.A.-TESOL: 30 credits
  • M.A.-TESOL plus New York State Teacher Certification (preK-12): 48 credits

The M.A. TESOL Program is a professional education program designed to prepare graduate students to teach English to speakers of other languages. A unique feature of our program is its combination of extensive field experience and clinical practice with grounding in intellectually rigorous coursework based in the scientific study of language structure, language use, and language acquisition. There are two tracks. One is a 48-credit curriculum that leads to the M.A. TESOL degree plus New York State teacher certification. This is the appropriate track for those who are seeking the MA and a first teacher certification. The other track consists of 30 credits and leads to the M.A. TESOL degree only. This track is intended for those with teacher certification in an area other than TESOL who wish to obtain TESOL certification, or those who are not interested in teacher certification. Upon completion of the 30 credit M.A., students can apply directly to New York State for alternate route certification in TESOL (see the FAQs).

Please note: The deadline for MA TESOL admissions is 

For international applicants: April 15
For domestic applicants: June 1

If you have questions, please contact the department via email: Access to telephone messages is limited, and so response to telephone messages will suffer delay.