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Algonquian Language Revitalization Project (ALRP)


Members of our department have been working for about a decade with leaders from the Native American nations of Eastern Long Island — Montaukett, Shinnecock, and Unkechaug — in a project to revitalize their Algonquian languages, which have not been spoken for many generations. The Department hosts courses in which members of the Nations as well as Stony Brook students are learning the languages, and we have a small library of materials on East Coast Native American languages and cultures. Several members of the Nations have been associated with the department as Visiting Scholars and as undergraduate and graduate students. Funding for the project has been provided by the Stony Brook University Department of Linguistics, Office of the Vice President for Equity & Inclusion, and College of Arts and Sciences, and by grants from the National Science Foundation and the New York State Assembly.

For more information on the ALRP, please contact Brian Frank, the Assistant to the Chair:

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