Talks & Papers

Interference of L1 tonal alignment: Mandarin lexical tone to English pitch accent. Miran Kim & Yu-an Lu, International Seminar on Speech Production, June 2011. 

The psychological reality of phonological representations: the case of Mandarin fricatives. Yu-an Lu, The 23rd North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics (NACCL), June 2011. Winner of the Graduate Student Research Award.

Prosody transfer in L2: Mandarin Chinese tonal alignment in English pitch accent. Miran Kim & Yu-an Lu, The 161st Meeting of the Acoustic Society of America, May 2011.

Defining phonological relationships: the role of alternation. Yu-an Lu, Manchester Phonology Meeting, May 2011

The production and perception of foreign language sequences. Ellen Broselow & Jiwon Hwang. Adelphi University, March 2011.

The effect of lexical stratum on perception of contrast. Ellen Broselow, Marie Huffman, Jiwon Hwang, Yu-an Lu, Jennifer Park, and Jessica Fareri, LSA, Janurary 2011. 

The level of perception of illusory vowels. Jiwon Hwang and Ellen Broselow, LSA, Janurary 2011.

Perception and representation of mandarin fricatives. Yu-an Lu, LSA, Janurary 2011.

Conflicting Repairs in Native and Foreign Vocabulary. Jiwon Hwang and Ellen Broselow, LSA, January 2009.

Cross-language cue interpretation. Hwang, Broselow, Katz, & Squires, Talk presented at Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition-North America 3. University of Connecticut. Sept. 2008.

Asymmetries in Foreign Language Perception and Production. Ellen Broselow, KNAW Colloquium on Language Acquisition & Optimality Theory, Amsterdam, July 2009.

Cross-linguistic interpretation of Duration. Ellen Broselow, Jiwon Hwang, Nancy Squires, ASA, Portland, May 2009.

Factors inducing cross-linguistic perception of illusory vowels. Jiwon Hwang, ASA, Portland, May 2009.

Perception of English voiceless alveolar and postalveolar fricative before /i/ by Korean speakers. Yunju Suh, Acoustical Society of America (ASA) 2nd ASA Special Workshop on Speech, May 2009. 

The Relationship Between the Production and Perception of Foreign Language Sequences