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MA Linguistics


The MA program is designed to give students an opportunity to carry out graduate work in linguistics without making the long-term commitment required for a doctoral degree.  The application process is competitive, with incoming classes generally consisting of 2 or 3 students, selected from both US and international applicants.  The curricular focus of the MA LIN is on theoretical rather than applied linguistics, so students interested in applied linguistics at the MA level are encouraged to consider the MA TESOL program instead.

The MA LIN requires 30 credits of coursework, including LIN 521 and LIN 621 (Syntax I and II), LIN 523 and LIN 623 (Phonology I and II),  plus an additional 18 credits of elective courses at the graduate level, and completion of one substantial research paper in linguistics, which will be read by a committee of two faculty members. The student’s choice of electives (which may include courses in other departments) is decided in consultation with faculty and must be approved by the MA program director. For more information about the program, contact   Robert Hoberman  .

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