2018 Spring Graduate Courses

Dept Num Title Instructor Days Time Building Room
LIN 526 Analysis of an Uncommonly Taught Language Robert Hoberman MW 04:00-05:20PM SBS N103
LIN 532 Second Language Acquisition John Drury TuTh 04:00-05:20PM HUMANITIES 3020
LIN 542 Sociolinguistics Joy Janzen Th 05:30-08:30PM HUMANITIES 3017
LIN 544 Language Acquisition and Literacy Development Joy Janzen Th 01:00-04:00PM FREY 201
LIN 625 Semantics Jiwon Yun TuTh 10:00-11:20AM SBS N250
LIN 630 Parsing and Processing Thomas Graf M
SBS N250
LIN 637 Computational Linguistics 2 Thomas Graf Th 05:30-07:30PM SBS N250
LIN 651 Syntax 2 Francisco Ordonez TuTh 02:30-03:50PM SBS N250
LIN 653 Phonology 2 Ellen Broselow TuTh 04:00-05:20PM SBS N254
LIN 650 Morphology and Word Formation Mark Aronoff TuTh 01:00-02:20PM SBS N250
LIN 650 Selected Topics: Grad Seminar Marie Huffman MW 02:30-03:50PM HUMANITIES 2047
LIN 650 Learnability Jeffrey Heinz MW 04:00-05:20AM SBS N250

Graduate Courses in Linguistics