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Marianne Catalano


Marianne Catalano is a Senior Lecturer and the Director of the Program in Academic Writing, which offers courses for undergraduate and graduate non-native speakers of English. Her MA degrees in Print Journalism from USC and TESOL from SUNY Stony Brook led her to the position of Coordinator of the ESL Writing Program in 1999. During her time as coordinator until becoming director of the PAE, she has designed and developed the writing placement strategy for all non-native speakers of English, implementing and testing that strategy to its present procedure. She has designed and written the syllabi for all PAE writing courses, and recently added a third level to the three-tier writing program that was approved by the curriculum committee and implemented last year. Along with her colleagues, she is the recipient of two Presidential Mini-Grants for Departmental Diversity. Now, as Director of the newly named Program in Academic Writing, she oversees both the undergraduate writing and the graduate oral/aural divisions of the program.