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Michael Becker



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Selected Publications
  • Michael Becker and Maria Gouskova (submitted) Source-oriented generalizations as grammar inference in Russian vowel deletion.
  • Michael Becker, Lauren Eby Clemens, and Andrew Nevins (to appear) A richer model is not always more accurate: the case of French and Portuguese plurals. NLLT.
  • Maria Gouskova and Michael Becker (2013) Nonce words show that Russian yer alternations are governed by the grammar. NLLT 31:3, pp. 735–765.
  • Michael Becker, Andrew Nevins, and Jonathan Levine (2012) Asymmetries in generalizing alternations to and from initial syllables. Language 88:2, pp. 231–268.
  • Michael Becker and Anne-Michelle Tessier (2011) Trajectories of faithfulness in child-specific phonology. Phonology 28:2, pp. 163–196.
  • Michael Becker, Nihan Ketrez, and Andrew Nevins (2011) The surfeit of the stimulus: Analytic biases filter lexical statistics in Turkish laryngeal alternations. Language 87:1, pp. 84–125.