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John Frederick Bailyn


Ph.D. 1995, Cornell University

John Frederick Bailyn's research involves investigations of the workings of the linguistic component of the mind, with particular attention to the Slavic languages. Within theoretical linguistics, his primary interests lie in generative syntax, especially issues of case, word order and movement. Within cognitive science, he is interested in issues of modularity, creativity, and musical perception. Within Slavic Linguistics, he is interested in Russian Syntax, Morphology, and Phonology, comparative Slavic syntax, and historical linguistics.

  • The Syntax of Russian (2012) Cambridge University Press (winner of 2013 AATSEEL prize for best contribution in Slavic Linguistics, 2012-13)
  • Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics 19: The College Park Meeting. (ed.)(2012) (w/ Ewan Dunbar, Yakov Konrad and Chris LaTerza), Michigan Slavic Publications, Ann Arbor, MI.
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