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Giving Day 2020: Algonquian Languages of Long Island


There is a group of people dedicated to research and revitalization of Algonquian languages spoken on Long Island carrying out research and language teaching at Stony Brook. As part of the university's Giving Day , the Linguistics department is trying to collect funds to catalog a related collection of works housed on campus which includes several rare and one of a kind pieces.

Please consider donating! Even a few dollars can make a real difference. There is a challenge in place: if 25 people make a donation, an extra $500 will be donated to the fund. Your donation can be as little as $5, but will have a huge impact.

We are raising funds for the Algonquian Language and Culture Library housed in the Department of Linguistics at Stony Brook University. The money will be used to pay students to catalog the immense collection of rare and one-of-a-kind pieces. The catalog will be made publicly available to scholars around the world. Please consider making a one-time contribution, using the following link:

This link is available until October 19, Monday. Thank you for your attention to this important initiative!