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Richard K. Larson


Distinguished Professor
Ph.D. 1983, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Tel. (631) 632-7777

Richard Kurth Larson's research has spanned a wide range of topics in syntax and semantics, including relative and adverbial clauses, NP adverbs, disjunctions, quantifiers and quantifier scope, comparatives, prepositional phrases, double object and applicative constructions, psych verbs, pronoun interpretation, and clausal complementation. Languages of investigation include Warlpiri, Japanese, Turkish, Haitian, Russian, Mandarin, Iranian Persian, Gilaki and Zazaki.

In addition to linguistics research, Larson has worked in undergraduate science education in connection with the NSF-sponsored Grammar as Science Project. His contributions to developing the Syntactica and Semantica software under GAS were recognized by a 1998 EduCom medal, awarded in partnership between EDUCAUSE and the Linguistic Society of America. He has also received the MIT Graduate Council Teaching Award, the Stony Brook President's Award for Excellence in Teaching, the SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching, and the Stony Brook Dean's Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching.

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