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Marie K. Huffman

PhotoAssociate Professor
Ph.D. 1989, University of California, Los Angeles

Marie Huffman does research in phonetics, including how fine details of pronunciation are affected by linguistic structure and communicative context. Her recent research addresses how speakers adapt pronunciation due to partner language/dialect and communicative setting and how the sound systems of L1 and L2 interact in adult language learners.  Professor Huffman has been awarded grants from the National Science Foundation for innovation in integrating teaching and research, and is currently co-PI on a multidisciplinary project funded by the National Science Foundation entitled  Communication in the Global University: A Longitudinal Study of Language Adaptation at Multiple Timescales in Native- and Non-Native Speakers , a project housed jointly in Psychology, Linguistics and Asian and Asian-American studies. 

Selected Presentations
  • Schuhmann, K., and M. Huffman (2017). Interaction of drift and distinctiveness in L1 English-L2 Japanese learners. Acoustics 17, June 2017, Boston, MA, USA. #1pSC10
  • Huffman, M. and K. Schuhmann (2015). Individual differences in phonetic drift by English-speaking learners of Spanish. 169th meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, May 2015.
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