Selected Presentations

  • Schuhmann, K., and M. Huffman (2017). Interaction of drift and distinctiveness in L1 English-L2 Japanese learners. Acoustics 17, June 2017, Boston, MA, USA. #1pSC10
  • Huffman, M. and K. Schuhmann (2015). Individual differences in phonetic drift by English-speaking learners of Spanish. 169th meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, May 2015. 

Selected Publications

Selected Articles

  • Hwang, J., Brennan, S. E. and M. Huffman (2015). Phonetic adaptation in non-native spoken dialogue: Effects of priming and audience design. Journal of Memory and Language, 81, 72-90.
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  • Stent, Amanda, Huffman,  Marie K. and Susan E. Brennan (2008), "Adapting speaking after evidence of misrecognition: Local and global hyperarticulation," Speech Communication 50:  163-178. 


  • Cohn, Abigail C., Fougeron, Cecile  & Marie K. Huffman, eds.  (2012). The Oxford Handbook of laboratory phonology, Oxford: Oxford University Press. A nice review is available here
  • Huffman, Marie K. and Rena A. Krakow.  (1993). Phonetics and Phonology 5:  Nasals, nasalization and the velum. San Diego:  Academic Press.

Book Reviews

  • Huffman, M. (2009). Review of Experimental approaches to phonology. Marie-Josep Sole, Patrice Speeter Beddor and Manjari Ohala, (eds.),  Language 85 (4) 950-953.