Jisung Sun

Talk Title: 
On Non-Canonical Cases
Event Type: 
Dissertation Defense
Fall 2014
Monday, October 13, 2014, 6:00 pm
Linguistics Department Seminar Room - SBS S207

Abstract: The Iterated Nominal Construction has been a topic of persistent interest in Korean syntactic studies (Park 1973, Lee 1987, Yoon 2009 and many others). Korean iterated nominal constructions present an interlocking series of puzzles for linguistic theory, and have been given various names in the literature, depending on which puzzling feature is being focused upon. The term DOUBLE/MULTIPLE NOMINATIVE CONSTRUCTIONS (Kang 1996, Ko 2001) recoognizes the fact that more than one nominative case is assigned, an atypical situation in the world’s languages. Alternatively, the same constructions have been termed DOUBLE/MULTIPLE SUBJECT CONSTRUCTIONS in view of the fact that the series of independent nominals are all marked as subjects, despite the intransitivity of the main predicate (Park 1973, Lee 1987, Yoon 2009). Yeon (2010) calls them EXTERNAL POSSESSION CONSTRUCTIONS given their close semantic relationship to corresponding genitive series.

In this dissertation, I argue that the crucial syntactic feature of iterated nominal constructions is not their surface, but their syntactic iterativity, and their crucial semantic feature is structured possession.