Workshop on Databases and Corpora in Linguistics

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Fall 2014
Friday, October 17, 2014, 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
SAC 305

Databases and corpora are tools of increasing importance in the field of Linguistics. There are hundreds of electronic resources now being developed which span the fields of historical linguistics, documenting endangered languages, language acquisition, lexicography, comparative grammar, etc. They allow millions of bits of linguistic information to be available to researchers for comparative study, in-depth analysis, frequency investigations, etc.

As with all tools, databases and corpora are successful only if people know how to use them and make good use of them. The design and functionality of the many linguistic databases and corpora available vary greatly. Many are user-friendly, and others require considerable training in order to access their wealth of information. With this proliferation of digital resources, the time is right to share our experiences with each other.

This workshop will focus on “best practices” in design and use of linguistic databases and corpora. The goal of the Workshop is to facilitate scholarly exchange of information and ideas in this rapidly evolving field. The Workshop will address the following questions:

            What makes a database or linguistic corpus useable?

            How can we make them better and more interactive?

            How much input analysis should be included?

            What works, and what doesn’t?

            Who uses them?

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