Brown Bag Research Blitz

Event Type: 
Brown Bag Talk
Spring 2016
Wednesday, February 24, 2016, 12:00 pm
SBS S-207 (Linguistics Seminar Room)

As part of the activities to welcome our visiting prospective PhD students, we will hear a series of mini research presentations known as the Brown Bag Research Blitz.

Here is the schedule:

12:00.  Welcome

12:05.  Session 1. Individual talks (5 mins each) 

  • Mark Aronoff:  "Language Emergence"
  • John Bailyn: "Oh Very Strange - the Russian OVS construction"
  • Michael Becker: "Learning from surface forms"
  • Sophia Kao: "Phonological Learning Bias in Tonal Patterns"

12:35.  Session 2. Individual talks (5 mins each) 

  • Richard Larson:  “Concord in Natural Language”
  • Varya Magomedova:  "Containment Hypothesis and Russian"
  • ​Francisco Ordonez + Lori Repetti (title TBA)
  • Aydogan Yanilmaz: "Get 'illuded' for five minutes"

1:05-1:15  Break

1:15.  Session 3.  Joint research / Labs. 
(7.5 mins each) 

  • John Drury "Experimental Linguistics Lab"
  • Thomas Graf + Rob Pasternak + Chong Zhang "Computational Linguistics Lab"
  • Hyunah Baek + Ellen Broselow + Mare Huffman + Jiwon Hwang + Sophia Kao + Chikako Takahashi:  "NSF Second Language Phonology Project"

At 6:00 pm there will be a pizza/salad reception in the seminar Room. Please come and meet our visit​i​ng students​!​