Archived Events in the Linguistics Department

Date Speaker/Event Title Affiliation Event Type
9/20/2013 Morris Symposium: What Counts in Language and Cognition Stony Brook University Conference
9/17/2013 Language Diversity Lecture Series Documentary Film Screening: 'If These Knishes Could Talk: A Film about New York Accent' Language Learning Research Center General Events
9/13/2013 Kristine Yu Phonological structure in the intonation of infant-directed speech UMASS Colloquium
9/4/2013 Sophia Kao Word Minimality in Indonesian and Mandarin Loanwords Brown Bag Talk
5/10/2013 Honors Thesis Conference Stony Brook University General Events
5/8/2013 Viviane Deprez Beyond Strength and Weakness in Definiteness: Creole variations in La major Brown Bag Talk
5/3/2013 Norvin Richards Selectional Contiguity MIT Colloquium
4/26/2013 Meghan Sumner A phonetic explanation of pronunciation variant effects Stanford University Colloquium
4/24/2013 Brigitta Fodor TBA Brown Bag Talk
4/12/2013 Workshop on Music, Language and Emotion Stony Brook University General Events
4/5/2013 Lauren Hall-Lew Political party affiliation and phonetic variation in the vowels of Scottish politicians University of Edinburgh Colloquium
4/3/2013 Mark Aronoff Cultural evolution and linguistic morphology Brown Bag Talk
3/29/2013 Chris Collins Classical NEG Raising (joint work with Paul Postal) NYU Colloquium
3/27/2013 Honaidah Ahyad Loanword Adaptation in Makkan Arabic: An OT analysis of complex segments in word final position Brown Bag Talk
3/6/2013 John Drury Animacy, thematic reversals, and psychological verbs revisited Brown Bag Talk
2/27/2013 Richard Larson, Mark Aronoff, Mark Lindsay, & Ellen Guigelaar Creating an Online Course Brown Bag Talk
2/20/2013 Yuliya Manyakina LingSync: an on/offline database app for field linguistics Brown Bag Talk
12/10/2012 Andrei Antonenko Feature-Based Binding and Phase Theory Stony Brook University Dissertation Defense
12/3/2012 Yukiko Asano Thematic Resultative Expressions in English and Japanese: A view from the Syntax of Event Aspect Stony Brook University Dissertation Defense
11/16/2012 Colin Wilson Acoustic-phonetic predictors of non-native consonant cluster modification Johns Hopkins University Colloquium