Archived Events in the Linguistics Department

Date Speaker/Event Title Affiliation Event Type
3/7/2014 Michael Ullman Do we learn language in the same brain systems that rats use to learn a maze? Evidence from a multidisciplinary investigation of first and second language Georgetown University Linguistics Lecture Series
3/6/2014 Michael Ullman Brain Commonalities across Developmental Disorders Georgetown University Linguistics Lecture Series
3/5/2014 Aydogan Yanilmaz Stony Brook University Brown Bag Talk
3/5/2014 Thomas Graf SBU Colloquium
2/26/2014 John Bailyn Moving Tucking In to the Side Stony Brook University Brown Bag Talk
2/19/2014 Speech Pathology Information Session Undergrad Linguistics Club
12/6/2013 Marcel den Dikken CUNY Colloquium
12/4/2013 Marine Lasserre Dread or Hate? A semantic characterization of French neoclassical element -(o)phobie and English -(o)phobia Brown Bag Talk
11/22/2013 James White Colloquium
11/13/2013 Jason Bishop Prosodic structure primes relative clause attachment College of Staten Island/ CUNY Brown Bag Talk
10/31/2013 Phoevos Panagiotidis Supercategories. The functional entourage of lexical heads and mixed projections University of Cyprus Guest Speaker
10/30/2013 Phoevos Panagiotidis Roots. Empty and (relatively) unexceptional University of Cyprus Guest Speaker
10/30/2013 Gary Mar Unless and Until: A Compositional Analysis With a Critique of Quine’s Three Dogmas of Linguistic Negativism Brown Bag Talk
10/28/2013 Phoevos Panagiotidis Lexical categories. Nouns and Verbs (and Adjectives?) University of Cyprus Guest Speaker
10/23/2013 Mark Aronoff The semantics of (morphological) categories Brown Bag Talk
10/11/2013 Amalia Gnanadesikan The ABCs of Alphabets: Toward a Definition and Typology of Alphabets University of Maryland Colloquium
10/4/2013 Neil Cohn The Grammar of Visual Narratives: Structure, Meaning, and Constituency in the Visual Language of Comics UC San Diego Colloquium
10/2/2013 Viviane Deprez Ambiguity in Negative Sequences Brown Bag Talk
9/27/2013 Stephanie Harves External Possessors and Possessor Raising in Colloquial Russian NYU Colloquium
9/25/2013 Paola Cepeda On the semantics of Spanish hasta que no (‘until… not’) Brown Bag Talk