Archived Events in the Linguistics Department

Date Speaker/Event Title Affiliation Event Type
10/31/2014 Judy Bernstein Colloquium Talk Demonstrative THEM and also THEY William Paterson University Colloquium
10/29/2014 Kenneth Dill Stony Brook University Chemistry Department Brown Bag Talk
10/24/2014 Frans Adriaans Colloquium Talk Phonotactic learning without a lexicon NYU Colloquium
10/22/2014 Varvara Magomedova Brown Bag Talk SBU Brown Bag Talk
10/17/2014 Workshop on Databases and Corpora in Linguistics Conference
10/13/2014 Jisung Sun On Non-Canonical Cases Dissertation Defense
10/8/2014 Kristian Berg Brown Bag Brown Bag Talk
10/8/2014 Phonology/Phonetics Reading Group General Events
10/7/2014 LaMERG talk: Andrew Conklin A grid-based look at syncopation in popular music Dept. of Music, Stony Brook University General Events
9/26/2014 Lucas Champollion Colloquium Talk NYU Colloquium
9/19/2014 Edward J. Vajda History and Typology of the Yeniseian Language Family Western Washington University Linguistics Lecture Series
9/18/2014 Edward J. Vajda Language and Genes Across Bering Strait: Dene-Yeniseian and the Peopling of the Americas Western Washington University Linguistics Lecture Series
9/10/2014 Clara Sherley-Appel Pied-piping without movement: Feature sharing and agreement competition in Turkish relative clauses UC Santa Cruz Brown Bag Talk
8/21/2014 New Student Orientation General Events
8/6/2014 Katharina Schuhmann Perceptual Learning in Second Language Learners Dissertation Defense
5/20/2014 Philip Dudchuk Mobile conversational interface: beyond Siri and Google Now General Rhetoric Guest Speaker
5/2/2014 Jeffrey Heinz University of Delaware Colloquium
4/30/2014 Vahideh Rasekhi Markedness and coda conditions in Azeri Stony Brook University Brown Bag Talk
4/25/2014 Norbert Hornstein A Program for the Minimalist Program University of Maryland Colloquium
4/25/2014 Ivana LaTerza The DP Category and Serbian Nominal Structure Stony Brook University Dissertation Defense