Archived Events in the Linguistics Department

Date Speaker/Event Title Affiliation Event Type
3/27/2015 Jianjing Kuang Tone Beyond Pitch University of Pennsylvania Colloquium
3/25/2015 Nigel Vincent Periphrases simple and compound: the compositionality problem The University of Manchester Brown Bag Talk
3/25/2015 Linguistics Club Mini-Language Lessons Undergrad Linguistics Club
3/24/2015 Nigel Vincent Why English is not enough Manchester University Linguistics Lecture Series
3/11/2015 Thomas Graf A Computational Common Ground for Syntax and Phonology Stony Brook University Brown Bag Talk
3/6/2015 LaMERG 2nd Workshop on Music, Language and Emotion 2 General Events
2/20/2015 Lauren Clemens The possibilities and limitations of using prosodic phrasing as a diagnostic for syntactic structure McGill University Colloquium
2/11/2015 Fabio Montermini Using distributional data to explore derivational under-markedness: A study of the event / property polysemy in nominalizations CLLE-ERSS, CNRS & Université de Toulouse 2 Brown Bag Talk
2/6/2015 Arild Hestvik Mismatch Negativity effects of phonological underspecification University of Delaware Colloquium
2/4/2015 Robert Leonard Words on Trial—Forensic Linguistics in Criminal, Civil, and Intelligence Investigations Hofstra University Undergrad Linguistics Club
12/15/2014 CASL:Conversations on Autism & Sign Language:Unlocking the Emergence of Social Communication General Events
12/12/2014 QPID QP Idea Discussion General Events
12/6/2014 SYNC 2014 SBU/Yale/NYU/CUNY Conference
12/3/2014 John R. Rickford: Presidential Mini-Grant for Department Diversity Series Race, Dialect Prejudice and Literacy in the George Zimmerman Trial and Beyond: Rachel Jeantel’s Testimony about Trayvon Martin Stanford University Guest Speaker
11/24/2014 JiSu Sung, BA '08: Language Diversity Lecture Series What Limits Access to Speech-Language Pathology Services in Asian Elderly Community? Evergreen Rehabilitation, LLC Guest Speaker
11/24/2014 James R Hurford: Paleobiology Seminar Meeting What is wrong, and what is right, about current theories of language, in the light of evolution? University of Edinburgh Guest Speaker
11/21/2014 Masha Polinsky Scope ambiguities at the intersection of English and Mandarin Harvard Colloquium
11/17/2014 Guido Barbujani Comparing genes across language families University of Ferrera General Events
11/7/2014 CANCELLED Arild Hestvik Colloquium Talk Mismatch Negativity effects of phonological underspecification University of Delaware Colloquium
11/4/2014 East End ESL Teachers' Conference Conference