Archived Events in the Linguistics Department

Date Speaker/Event Title Affiliation Event Type
10/30/2015 Jon Gajewski The representation of degree in American Sign Language University of Connecticut Colloquium
10/29/2015 Stephanie Shih Multilevel modeling and induction of lexically-conditioned phonology University of California, Merced Guest Speaker
10/28/2015 Anne-Michelle Tessier Weigh(t)ing the Evidence: Analyses of Lexical Avoidance in Later Phonological Acquisition University of Alberta Brown Bag Talk
10/27/2015 Michael Newman Four Myths about NYC English Queens College, CUNY Linguistics Lecture Series
10/23/2015 Barbara Citko If you can’t agree, move on! University of Washington Colloquium
10/21/2015 "Do You Speak American?" (Part 2) Documentary screening Undergrad Linguistics Club
10/14/2015 Carl Baldini Socio/Emotional Needs of the English Language Learner and the Warning Signs ENL Teachers Should Look For Wyandanch Union Free School District Guest Speaker
10/14/2015 "Do You Speak American?" (Part 1) Documentary Screening Undergrad Linguistics Club
9/30/2015 Linguistics Writing Workshop Undergrad Linguistics Club
9/25/2015 Mara Breen Listening to the little voice in our heads: Effects of implicit prosody on silent reading Mount Holyoke College Colloquium
9/23/2015 "Meet the Professor" featuring Prof. Elías-Ulloa Undergrad Linguistics Club
9/16/2015 Linguistics Club 1st Meeting & IPA Bingo Undergrad Linguistics Club
9/11/2015 Ioanna Sitaridou Word Order in Old Spanish: (non-)V2, Participle Fronting and Information Structure University of Cambridge Colloquium
9/10/2015 Ioanna Sitaridou Language Continuity, Contact, and Change: The Greek (Romeyka) Varieties in Turkey Today University of Cambridge Linguistics Lecture Series
9/9/2015 LaMERG talk: Philippe Schlenker Prolegomena to a Music Semantics Institut Jean-Nicod, CNRS; NYU General Events
5/11/2015 Undergraduate Honors Colloquium Stony Brook University General Events
5/8/2015 Brian Dillon Which noun phrases is this verb supposed to agree with... and when? University of Massachusetts Amherst Colloquium
5/6/2015 Umit Atlamaz Extending Greenberg’s Universal 20: Adjectives, Arguments and the NP Rutgers University Brown Bag Talk
5/1/2015 Seunghun Lee Structural restrictions on high tone spreading in Xitsonga Central Connecticut State University Colloquium
4/29/2015 Robert Pasternak Referential terms in dynamic semantics Stony Brook University Brown Bag Talk