Archived Events in the Linguistics Department

Date Speaker/Event Title Affiliation Event Type
4/20/2007 Edith Aldridge Wh-questions in the Pseudo-Chinese of Old Japanese Northwestern Colloquium
3/28/2007 Rene Kager Representations of [Voice]: Evidence from Acquisition Universiteit Utrecht Colloquium
3/21/2007 Julie Weisenberg The Impact of Real-time Interpretation on American Sign Language and Deaf-interpreter Relations Stony Brook University Brown Bag Talk
3/9/2007 James P. Lantolf Concept-based Language Pedagogy Penn State University Colloquium
3/2/2007 John McCarthy Getting to Optimality UMass Colloquium
2/9/2007 Ray Jackendoff The week after week construction and its theoretical challenges Tufts University Linguistics Lecture Series
2/8/2007 Ray Jackendoff Peculiar Logic of Value Tufts University Linguistics Lecture Series
12/8/2006 José Elías-Ulloa Metrically-Driven Glottal Coalescence: A Case Study from Capanahua Stony Brook University Colloquium
12/1/2006 David Embick Words are not better than phrases UPenn Colloquium
11/18/2006 SUNY/CUNY/NYU 8th Annual SUNY/CUNY/NYU Mini Conference Stony Brook University Conference
10/20/2006 Darya Kavitskaya Stress and accent in Tundra Nenets Yale Colloquium
10/13/2006 Norbert Hornstein Labels, Minimality, and C-command University of Maryland Colloquium
9/29/2006 Benjamin Bruening What is the Right Binding Theory? University of Delaware Colloquium
9/22/2006 Juan Uriagereka The Dynamics of Islands: Speculations on the Locality of Movement University of Maryland Linguistics Lecture Series
9/21/2006 Juan Uriagereka The Gordian Knot of Linguistic Fossils University of Maryland Linguistics Lecture Series