Archived Guest Speaker Events

Date Speaker/Event Title Affiliation Event Type
4/19/2018 Olga Fernández Soriano Non-agreeing split interrogatives and focus extension in Spanish Universidad Autónoma de Madrid Guest Speaker
4/10/2018 Francesco Gardani Verb Aspect Borrowing in Istro-Romanian University of Zurich Guest Speaker
3/19/2018 Neil Cohn A multimodal model of language Department of Communication and Cognition, Tilburg University Guest Speaker
10/29/2015 Stephanie Shih Multilevel modeling and induction of lexically-conditioned phonology University of California, Merced Guest Speaker
10/14/2015 Carl Baldini Socio/Emotional Needs of the English Language Learner and the Warning Signs ENL Teachers Should Look For Wyandanch Union Free School District Guest Speaker
4/24/2015 Laura Kalin Two ways to Agree in Neo-Aramaic University of Connecticut Guest Speaker
12/3/2014 John R. Rickford: Presidential Mini-Grant for Department Diversity Series Race, Dialect Prejudice and Literacy in the George Zimmerman Trial and Beyond: Rachel Jeantel’s Testimony about Trayvon Martin Stanford University Guest Speaker
11/24/2014 JiSu Sung, BA '08: Language Diversity Lecture Series What Limits Access to Speech-Language Pathology Services in Asian Elderly Community? Evergreen Rehabilitation, LLC Guest Speaker
11/24/2014 James R Hurford: Paleobiology Seminar Meeting What is wrong, and what is right, about current theories of language, in the light of evolution? University of Edinburgh Guest Speaker
5/20/2014 Philip Dudchuk Mobile conversational interface: beyond Siri and Google Now General Rhetoric Guest Speaker
4/4/2014 Alexis Wellwood Comparatives, neodavidsonian University of Maryland Guest Speaker
10/31/2013 Phoevos Panagiotidis Supercategories. The functional entourage of lexical heads and mixed projections University of Cyprus Guest Speaker
10/30/2013 Phoevos Panagiotidis Roots. Empty and (relatively) unexceptional University of Cyprus Guest Speaker
10/28/2013 Phoevos Panagiotidis Lexical categories. Nouns and Verbs (and Adjectives?) University of Cyprus Guest Speaker
2/22/2012 Ruiqin Miao Interaction between sentence intonation and individual tonal features in the perception of L2 lexical tone Shanghai Jiao Tong University/University of Washington Guest Speaker
4/14/2011 Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero On putative morphology-phonetics interactions University of Manchester Guest Speaker
3/30/2011 John M. Lipski Is decreolization reversible? Palenquero and Afro-Bolivian Spanish Pennsylvania State University Guest Speaker
3/26/2008 Eulàlia Bonet Phonology-morphology-syntax interactions in plural formation in Catalan Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Guest Speaker
3/26/2008 Joan Mascaró A prosodic analysis of stress-dependent harmony Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Guest Speaker
10/1/2007 David Poeppel University of Maryland Guest Speaker