Archived Colloquium Events

Date Speaker/Event Title Affiliation Event Type
4/14/2017 Florian Jaeger Why and how is speech processing so flexible? University of Rochester Colloquium
4/7/2017 Sam Bowman Sentence Understanding with Neural Networks and Natural Language Inference NYU Colloquium
3/31/2017 Bob Berwick (Cancelled) MIT Colloquium
3/24/2017 Anna Maria di Sciullo Edge Morphology University of Quebec at Montreal & NYU Colloquium
2/24/2017 Jason Shaw Linking phonology and phonetics in the frequency domain Yale University Colloquium
2/17/2017 Laura McPherson Using tone to diagnose grammatical architecture: evidence from Seenku (Mande, Burkina Faso) Dartmouth College Colloquium
12/2/2016 Charles Yang On Counting and Double Object Construction University of Pennsylvania Colloquium
11/18/2016 Bill Haddican The non-independence of variants in judgement data CUNY Queens College Colloquium
9/23/2016 Claire Moore-Cantwell Effects of probabilistic phonology on perception and lexical storage University of Connecticut Colloquium
9/9/2016 Joanna Morris Morpho-orthographic and morpho-semantic processing in complex word recognition Hampshire College Colloquium
5/6/2016 Liina Pylkkänen Semantic composition within the integrative hub architecture of the brain: A view from MEG New York University Colloquium
4/22/2016 Jonathan Bobaljik Case and Agreement Dependencies: Some typological evidence University of Connecticut Colloquium
4/8/2016 Maria Gouskova Learning nonlocal interactions in phonology with sublexicons New York University Colloquium
2/26/2016 Sonia Cyrino Animacy and null objects in Brazilian Portuguese University of Campinas Colloquium
12/4/2015 Gaja Jarosz Sonority Sequencing in Polish: Defying the Stimulus? University of Massachusetts Amherst Colloquium
10/30/2015 Jon Gajewski The representation of degree in American Sign Language University of Connecticut Colloquium
10/23/2015 Barbara Citko If you can’t agree, move on! University of Washington Colloquium
9/25/2015 Mara Breen Listening to the little voice in our heads: Effects of implicit prosody on silent reading Mount Holyoke College Colloquium
9/11/2015 Ioanna Sitaridou Word Order in Old Spanish: (non-)V2, Participle Fronting and Information Structure University of Cambridge Colloquium
5/8/2015 Brian Dillon Which noun phrases is this verb supposed to agree with... and when? University of Massachusetts Amherst Colloquium