Archived Brown Bag Talk Events

Date Speaker/Event Title Affiliation Event Type
2/3/2016 Varya Magomedova & Mark Aronoff Russian diminutive suffixes / Competition and variation Stony Brook University Brown Bag Talk
10/28/2015 Anne-Michelle Tessier Weigh(t)ing the Evidence: Analyses of Lexical Avoidance in Later Phonological Acquisition University of Alberta Brown Bag Talk
5/6/2015 Umit Atlamaz Extending Greenberg’s Universal 20: Adjectives, Arguments and the NP Rutgers University Brown Bag Talk
4/29/2015 Robert Pasternak Referential terms in dynamic semantics Stony Brook University Brown Bag Talk
4/8/2015 Jonathan Howell Decomposing Weak Necessity in English Montclair State University Brown Bag Talk
4/1/2015 Ammar Alammar Non-metrical vowel optimization and iambic unevenness in Arabic Stony Brook University Brown Bag Talk
3/25/2015 Nigel Vincent Periphrases simple and compound: the compositionality problem The University of Manchester Brown Bag Talk
3/11/2015 Thomas Graf A Computational Common Ground for Syntax and Phonology Stony Brook University Brown Bag Talk
2/11/2015 Fabio Montermini Using distributional data to explore derivational under-markedness: A study of the event / property polysemy in nominalizations CLLE-ERSS, CNRS & Université de Toulouse 2 Brown Bag Talk
10/29/2014 Kenneth Dill Stony Brook University Chemistry Department Brown Bag Talk
10/22/2014 Varvara Magomedova Brown Bag Talk SBU Brown Bag Talk
10/8/2014 Kristian Berg Brown Bag Brown Bag Talk
9/10/2014 Clara Sherley-Appel Pied-piping without movement: Feature sharing and agreement competition in Turkish relative clauses UC Santa Cruz Brown Bag Talk
4/30/2014 Vahideh Rasekhi Markedness and coda conditions in Azeri Stony Brook University Brown Bag Talk
4/16/2014 Teresa O'Neill Finiteness Without Tense in English Copular Clauses CUNY Brown Bag Talk
4/2/2014 David Share Anglocentrism, Eurocentrism and Alphabetism in Current Reading Research and Practice: Toward a Universal Model of Literacy Learning Haifa University, Stony Brook University Brown Bag Talk
3/12/2014 John Drury Things we can learn from the study of first language influences on second language processing Stony Brook University Brown Bag Talk
3/5/2014 Aydogan Yanilmaz Stony Brook University Brown Bag Talk
2/26/2014 John Bailyn Moving Tucking In to the Side Stony Brook University Brown Bag Talk
12/4/2013 Marine Lasserre Dread or Hate? A semantic characterization of French neoclassical element -(o)phobie and English -(o)phobia Brown Bag Talk