Archived Events in the Linguistics Department

Date Speaker/Event Title Affiliation Event Type
5/4/2018 Honors Thesis Presentations – Spring 2018 General Events
4/25/2018 Ling Wang A quantitative study: entropy-based similarity measures and the L2 acquisition of non-contrastive phonetic properties Stony Brook University Brown Bag Talk
4/20/2018 Irene Vogel Stress Redundancy and Stress Typologies University of Delaware Colloquium
4/19/2018 Olga Fernández Soriano Non-agreeing split interrogatives and focus extension in Spanish Universidad Autónoma de Madrid Guest Speaker
4/18/2018 Richard Larson Ezafe, Nominalization and the Structure of PP Stony Brook University Brown Bag Talk
4/13/2018 Jonathan Nissenbaum Four compositional puzzles: An argument against the existence of passive morphemes Brooklyn College, City University of New York Colloquium
4/10/2018 Francesco Gardani Verb Aspect Borrowing in Istro-Romanian University of Zurich Guest Speaker
4/4/2018 Aniello De Santo Quantified Sentences as a Window into Prediction and Priming: An ERP Study Stony Brook University Brown Bag Talk
3/30/2018 Peter Jurgec Slovenian Palatalization Consonant Harmony Supports Agreement-by-Correspondence University of Toronto Colloquium
3/28/2018 Daniel Finer Spelling out Selayarese Relative Clauses Stony Brook University Brown Bag Talk
3/23/2018 Jim Rogers On the Cognitive Complexity of Phonotactic Constraints Computer Science Department, Earlham College Colloquium
3/19/2018 Neil Cohn A multimodal model of language Department of Communication and Cognition, Tilburg University Guest Speaker
2/28/2018 Hongchen Wu, Richard Larson Topicality and quantifier scope in Mandarin Stony Brook University Brown Bag Talk
2/21/2018 Christina Tortora Infinitival perfects with and without [ə(v)] in Appalachian English City University of New York Brown Bag Talk
1/24/2018 Wendy Sandler A Community-particular accent in an emerging sign language University of Haifa, Sign Language Research Lab Brown Bag Talk
12/1/2017 Danny Fox Pied Piping and Covert Movement: evidence from parasitic gap licensing MIT Colloquium
11/15/2017 Thomas Graf Grammar Size and Quantitative Restrictions on Movement Stony Brook University Brown Bag Talk
11/10/2017 Juliet Stanton Gradient lapse in American English –ative NYU Colloquium
10/27/2017 Michele Loporcaro Mass/count and grammatical gender in Romance Zurich/The Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in America, Columbia University Colloquium
10/21/2017 Northeast Computational Phonology Workshop (NECPHON) 2017 General Events