Stony Brook Linguistics at IACL-26 (May 4-6)

Conference: The 26th Annual Conference of International Association of Chinese Linguistics (IACL-26)
Date: May 4 - 6, 2018
Location: Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Richard Larson is invited to give a Keynote speech at this year's IACL So Young Lee, Lei LiuHongchen Wu and Jiwon Yun will also present thier work at the conference at University of Wisconsin-Madison, May 4 - 6, 2018.

  • [May 4, Friday afternoon, Section 4] So Young Lee, Hongchen Wu, Lei Liu and Jiwon Yun: The effect of surface syntactic positions of wh-phrases on wh-scope
  • [May 5, Saturday afternoon, Section 1] Hongchen Wu: The head raising analysis of Mandarin prenominal relative clause: evidence from quantifier scope interpretation
  • [May 6, Sunday afternoon, Keynote Speech 9] Richard Larson: Quantifier Scope and Topicality in Mandarin
The conference program can be found here.