Alëna Aksënova at GLOW41 (April 10)

Date: April 10-14, 2018
Location: Budapest, Hungary


Alëna Aksënova will present her work at the phonological workshop "Long-distance segmental phenomena" at GLOW41. Her presentation is titled "The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Harmony Interactions", scheduled on April 10, 14:45-16:15. Her abstract is shown as below. 


In this paper, I am considering harmony systems with multiple feature spreadings as a litmus test for the possible configurations of items involved in certain long-distance dependencies within the same language. The question that is being asked is what are the relations between the sets of items that take part in these spreadings. The logically possible configurations are the following ones: same set, when both spreadings operate over the same elements, distinct sets, when the sets of items involved in the harmonies are completely different, set and its subset, when one harmony operates over the subset of items involved in another harmony, and incomparable sets, when the sets of items involved in the two harmonies only partially overlap. I start by investigating typology, and show that the fourth option – the overlapping sets – is the only one that appears to be unattested. While this could be surprising, further I discuss formal reasons that explain such restriction. Going forward, considering such overlapping sets would produce the blow-up of options of the possible harmonic sets configurations.