Stony Brook Linguistics at PLC 42 (March 23-25)

Conference: The 42nd Penn Linguistics Conference (PLC 42)
Date: March 23-25, 2018
Location: University of Pennsylvania, PA

Hossep DolatianSo Young Lee, Lei Liu, Yaobin LiuHongchen Wu and Jiwon Yun will present thier work at PLC 42 at University of Pennsylvania, March 23-25, 2018. 

  • Yaobin Liu: "The influence of pitch contour on Mandarin speakers’ perception of English stress" [March 24, 10:30am-10:55am, Session 1-B]
  • Hossep Dolatian: "Phonological constituents in Armenian: When cyclicity misaligns" [March 24, 3:30pm-3:55pm, Session 3-B]
  • So Young Lee, Hongchen Wu, Lei Liu and Jiwon Yun: "The difference between perception and production of prosodic information in Chinese wh-scope disambiguation" [March 25, poster session]
The conference program can be found here.