Stony Brook Linguistics at CUNY 2018 (March 15-17)

Conference: The ​31st Annual CUNY Sentence Processing Conference (CUNY 2018)
Date: March 15-17, 2018
Location: UC Davis, CA
John E. Drury, So Young Lee, Jun LyuHongchen WuAydogan Yanilmaz and Jiwon Yun are presenting thier work at CUNY 2018, March 15-17, 2018.
  • Jun Lyu and Lijun Zhang"Representing inverse semantic scope in L2-Spanish" [March 15, 6pm-8pm, Poster Session A]
  • Jun Lyu, Hongchen Wu, Aydogan Yanilmaz and John Drury"ERP effects distinguishing Negative polarity versus Free choice: A look at English ANY and Mandarin RENHE" [March 15, 6pm-8pm, Poster Session A]
  • Alexandre Herbay, Phaedra Royle, John Drury, Lauren Fromont and Karsten Steinhauer: "Contrasting lexical pre-activation, prediction-based and post-lexical integration accounts of the N400 ERP effect in priming studies" [March 15, 6pm-8pm, Poster Session A]
  • Jun Lyu: "D-linking and syntactic islands in Mandarin Chinese" [March 16, 12pm-2pm, Poster Session B]

  • Jun Lyu and Dawei Lu: "Linearity effect in weak crossover bleeding in Mandarin Chinese" [March 17, 12pm-2pm, Poster Session C]

  • So Young Lee, Aydogan Yanilmaz, Jiwon Yun and John Drury: "The processing of Turkish and Korean NPI licensing and intrusion: ERP evidence"  [March 17, 12pm-2pm, Poster Session C]

  •  Aydogan Yanilmaz and John Drury: "Intervening and non-intervening Interference" [March 17, 12pm-2pm, Poster Session C]


The conference program can be found here.