Richard Larson and Ivana Laterza's paper in Revista LinguiStica!

Richard Larson and our former PhD student Ivana Laterza's paper “Revisiting Article-S” has just appeared in Revista LinguiStica v. 13, n. 2 (2017), pp. 51-87.
Further information is available here.
The first published account of relative clauses in generative grammar (Smith 1964) analyzed these elements as selected complements of the article or determiner in a nominal. In this paper we revisit the “Article-S” Analysis, examining its underlying assumptions about selection and structure and updating its technical implementation. In so doing we show that Article-S continues to be attractive from a syntactic and semantic point of view. We briefly examine two broader implications of the account for the analysis of languages claimed in the literature to be “D/DP-less” and for the analysis of restrictive modification generally.