Stony Brook Linguistics at SNL 2017 (Nov. 8-10)

Conference: The Ninth Annual Meeting of the Society for the Neurobiology of Language (SNL 2017) 
Date: November 8 - 10, 2017
Location:  Baltimore, Maryland
Aniello De Santo, John E. Drury, Jun LyuJonathan Rawski, Hongchen Wu and Aydogan Yanilmaz are presenting their work at the SNL 2017.  Our recent alumna, Ellen Guigelaar is also presenting her joint work with John E. Drury at the conference. 

Poster session C

Aniello De Santo, Jonathan Rawski, John E. DruryERP effects for quantifier complexity, priming, and truth-value in an auditory/visual verification task

Poster session C

Hongchen Wu, Jun Lyu, Aydogan Yanilmaz, John E. DruryANY ERP effects

Poster session D 

 Ellen Guigelaar, John E. Drury Processing of English focal stress by L1-English and L1-Mandarin/L2-English speakers: An auditory ERP study



The full program of SNL 2017 can be found here