Alëna Aksënova wins IACS Junior Researcher Award

Alëna Aksësona

Our own Alëna Aksënova is one of the winners of the IACS Junior Researcher Award. Her awarded project is "Subregular toolkit implemented in Python", with Thomas Graf as her advisor. Congratulations!

The aim of her project is the implementation of a toolkit that will allow researchers to work with the subregular languages: grammar extraction, well-formedness analysis, and the generation of data of a given type. Such a package will provide both theoretical linguistics and NLP with new tools that are needed to explore new ways of language modeling, and will let researchers try out the ideas and generalizations on bigger sets of data while freeing them from the burden of manually working out analyses with pen and paper.

The IACS Junior Researcher Award is given to continuing PhD graduate students who are conducting full-time research and are recognized as outstanding junior researchers by institute faculty or affiliates. The award brings total payment for the student to $34,000 for one calendar year, plus $4,000 per year for travel. Find more info on the award here.