Stony Brook Linguistics at NACCL 29 (June 16-18)

Date: June 16-18
Location: Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NJ)
Following members of our department will present at the 29th North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics (NACCL 29): So Young Lee, Lei LiuYaobin LiuSiyao Peng, Russell TanenbaumHongchen WuJiwon Yun, and Chong Zhang. The conference will be held at the Rutgers University campus in New Brunswick, on June 16-18, 2017.
  • So Young Lee, Hongchen Wu, Lei Liu, Siyao Peng, Yaobin Liu, and Jiwon Yun. Prosody and wh-scope interpretation in Chinese
  • Lei Liu. Mandarin SOV order and Applicative Shift
  • Yaobin Liu. Stress shift in Mandarin speakers’ perception of English lexical stress
  • Russell Tanenbaum. Dependencies between adverbs and sentence-final particles: In and beyond Mandarin
  • Chong Zhang. Ambiguous Relative Clause Attachment in Mandarin
The program will be updated soon.
Please find their abstracts attached!
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