Aks├źnova, Baek, De Santo, Graf and Rawski at CLS 53! (May 25-27)

Thomas Graf will give an invited talk, and Alëna Aksënova, Hyunah Baek, Aniello De Santo and Jon Rawski will present their research at the 53rd annual meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society (CLS 53), May 25-27! The conference will be held in UChicago, IL.
The schedule of their presentation is as follows:

May 26, 9:00am

Alëna Aksënova and Aniello De Santo. Strict Locality in Morphological Derivations

May 26, 10:15am

Hyunah Baek. Computational representation of unbounded stress: tiers with structural features

May 26, 12:45pm

Thomas Graf. It's a (Sub-)Regular Conspiracy: Locality and Computation in Phonology, Morphology, Syntax, and Semantics [invited talk]

May 26, 4:15pm 
Jon Rawski. Phonological Complexity is Subregular: Evidence from Sign Language
The full program is available here.