Ji Yea Kim was awarded a Graduate Scholarship!

Ji Yea Kim was awarded a Graduate Scholarship by the Center for Korean Studies at Stony Brook University! Please find below the description of her project.
Variation in Spoken Korean: A Case Study of Standard and Nonstandard Forms
People speak in a variety of ways in their daily life. Some speak in a standard way as they are taught in school, while others speak in a novel way that is distinct from the standard. In Korean, for example, there are some words that contain two consonants at the end of the word (e.g., talk ‘chicken’ and kaps ‘price’). Both consonants appear in Korean orthography; however, only one of the two consonants is pronounced if the word is uttered by itself (e.g., [tak] ‘chicken’ and [kap] ‘price’). In contrast, both consonants appear in the pronunciation of standard Korean when words with a consonant cluster are followed by a vowel (e.g., [talki] ‘chicken-NOMINATIVE’ and [kapsi] ‘price-NOMINATIVE’). It is notable, however, that such words can also be pronounced in a nonstandard way deviating from the spelling (e.g., [taki] ‘chicken-NOMINATIVE’ and [kapi] ‘price-NOMINATIVE’). The purpose of the present study is to respond to questions about both social and linguistic aspects of this phenomenon: which social factors (e.g., gender, dialect) affect variation, and which linguistic element (i.e., which consonant) is preserved in the pronunciation of nonstandard forms. This research project consists of two parts: an experimental investigation and a theoretical analysis. Conducting an extensive study of linguistic variation provides a more accurate account of the diversity of language usage in Korea and thereby contributes to a better understanding of the rise and fall of linguistic forms.
The description of this scholarship from the scholarship webpage:
This scholarship aims to encourage graduate-level research and dialogues on Korea-related topics at Stony Brook University. $3,000 will be awarded per recipient and two positions are open for Spring 2017. The positions are renewable upon review. The scholarship awardees will be invited to an undergraduate seminar in Korean Studies to present their research.