Mark Aronoff's books and papers

This year, Mark Aronoff published the following works:
  • O'Grady, William, John Archibald, Mark Aronoff, and Janie Rees-Miller. Contemporary Linguistics. 7th edition. New York: Bedford St. Martins. 2017.
  • Aronoff, Mark, and Janie Rees-Miller. Handbook of Linguistics. 2nd Edition. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell. 2017.
  • Berg, Kristian, and Mark Aronoff. Self-organization in the spelling of English suffixes: Culture out of anarchy. Language 93.1, 1-28. 2017.
Mark Aronoff and Janie Rees-Miller (our alumna) have worked on Contemporary Linguistics since its first edition in 1989, and also edited the first edition of the Handbook of Linguistics in 2001. The Handbook of Linguistics is the only general handbook of linguistics available. Jon Rawski, our doctoral student, provided important assistance in its preparation.
Congratulations, Mark!