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Undergraduate Courses Schedule (Spring 2022)

LIN 101 Human Language, MoWe 10:30am-11:25pm, Lori Repetti
LIN 110 The Anatomy of English Words, Online Asynchronous, Staff
LIN 200 Language in the United States, Online Asynchronous, John Bailyn
LIN 201 Phonetics, MoFr 1:00-2:20pm, Marie Huffman
LIN 240 Spanish in the U.S., TuTh 3:00-4:20pm, Francisco Ordonez
LIN 301 Phonology, MoWeFr 9:15-10:10am, Robert Hoberman
LIN 311 Syntax, TuTh 11:30am-12:50pm, Francisco Ordonez
LIN 320 English Grammar, TuTh 1:15-2:35pm, Staff
LIN 335 Computational Linguistics, TuTh 4:45-6:05pm, Jordan Kodner
LIN 344 Literacy Development, TuTh 11:30am-12:50pm, Joy Janzen
LIN 355 Language and Life in China, MoWe 2:40-4:00pm, Staff
LIN 375 TESOL Pedagogy: Theory and Practice, MoWe 4:25-5:45pm, Staff
LIN 378 Content-Based Language and Literacy Development, Mo 4:25-7:15pm, Dorit Kaufman
LIN 405 Writing in Linguistics, Mo 1:00-2:50pm, Robert Hoberman
LIN 425 Signed Languages & Communities, TuTh 9:45-11:05am, Jenny Singleton
LIN 426 Error Analysis, MoWe 7:50-9:10pm, Tatiana Luchkina
LIN 431 The Structure of an Uncommonly Taught Language, MoWeFr 9:15-10:10am, Neda Taherkhani
LIN 449 Field Experience, Grades N-12, Staff
LIN 450 Field Experience, Grades N-12, Dorit Kaufman
LIN 451 Supervised Teaching - English as a Second Language: Primary Grades N-6, Denise Hannaoui
LIN 452 Supervised Teaching - English as a Second Language: Secondary Grades 7-12, Denise Hannaoui
LIN 454 Managing Instruction, Assessment, and Resources, Mo 4:25-7:15pm, Denise Hannaoui