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Graduate Courses Schedule (Fall 2021)

For Ph.D./M.A. in Linguistics, M.A. in Computational Linguistics
LIN 521 Syntax I, TuTh 3:00-4:20pm
LIN 522 Phonetics, TuTh 4:45-6:05pm, Tatiana Luchkina
LIN 523 Phonology I, MoWe 8:30-9:50am, Lori Repetti
LIN 537 Computational Linguistics I, TuTh 4:45-6:05pm, Jordan Kodner
LIN 539 Mathematical Methods in Linguistics, MoWeFr 10:30-11:25am, Thomas Graf
LIN 600 Colloquium in Linguistics, Mo 1:00-2:20pm, Thomas Graf
LIN 650 Semantics II, TuTh 6:30-7:50pm, Richard Larson
LIN 651 Seminar in Syntax: The Syntax of Inversion, We 4:25-7:25pm, John Bailyn
LIN 653 Seminar in Phonology: Representations in Phonology, TuTh 3:00-4:20pm, Jeffrey Heinz
LIN 655 Seminar in Computational Linguistics: Morphology Acquisition, Mo 4:25-7:25pm, Jordan Kodner
For M.A. in TESOL
LIN 522 Phonetics, TuTh 4:45-6:05pm, Tatiana Luchkina
LIN 524 TESOL Pedagogy: Methods I, Mo 4:25-7:25pm, Dorit Kaufman
LIN 527 Structure of English, We 4:25-7:25pm, Dorit Kaufman
LIN 530 Introduction to General Linguistics, MoWe 7:50-9:10pm, Andrija Petrokvic
LIN 541 Bilingualism, Tu 6:30-9:35pm, Tatiana Luchkina
LIN 544 Language Acquisition and Literacy Development, Mo 6:05-8:55pm, Joy Janzen
LIN 577 Field Experience for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Dorit Kaufman
LIN 579 Field Experience in TESOL Grades N-12, Dorit Kaufman
LIN 581 Supervised Student Teaching in TESOL: Primary and Middle Level Grades N-6, Denise Hannaoui
LIN 582 Supervised Student Teaching in TESOL: High School (Grades 10-12), Denise Hannaoui