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2020 Spring Grad Seminars 


LIN 650.S01 Grad Seminar

Instructor: Richard Larson & Mark Aronoff

[Further Remarks on Nominalization]


LIN 650.S02 Grad Seminar

Instructor: Robert Hoberman



LIN 651 Syntax Seminar

Instructor: Francisco Ordonez

[The syntax of Prepositional Phrases]

This seminar will explore the syntax of Prepositional Phrases from a comparative point of view and considering recent theoretical developments. We will examine critically cartographic and non-cartographic approaches and explore the possibilities of extraction out of PP´s in view of Phase Theory. Time permitting, we will link prior studies of PP´s to the syntax of existential constructions. Students are required to write a squib by the end of the semester based on their language or a language of their choice.

 Times: We will decide a more congenial time to meet the first day of classes.