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2020 Fall Grad Seminars 


LIN 650.S01 Grad Seminar: First Language Acquisition

Instructor: Tatiana Luchkina

This course examines first language acquisition by children and adults. Course topics include phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics of first language acquisition; acquisition of signed and spoken languages; comparison of monolingual and bilingual language development; atypical language development. Course assignments include analyses of child data drawn from the CHILDES corpus.  


LIN 651.S02 Syntax Seminar

Instructor: Daniel Finer

This course is a follow–up to previous work in syntax.  We will consider in greater detail various general topics in syntax that concern some of the major structures that have been discussed in the syntactic literature.  Readings will be drawn from classical and contemporary syntactic research, and we’ll look at raising & control, relative clauses, and restructuring, as well as topics that you may be considering for QPs and/or your own research.  We’ll spend 3-4 weeks on each topic, with time at the end for presentations of your final papers.


LIN 655.S01 Computational Seminar

Instructor: Jordan Kodner

The class will survey a wide range of computational approaches to problems in historical linguistics and language change. Each week will consist of discussion on a new topic: students will gain an understanding of the range of problems in historical linguistics and the strengths and weaknesses of existing treatments and will begin to consider how their individual computational expertise may be broad to bear on these problems in the future.