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2019 Fall Grad Seminars 


LIN 628 Computational Syntax

Instructor: Thomas Graf

An in-depth survey of natural language syntax from a computational perspective. The primary focus is on combining state-of-the-art techniques from formal language theory with empirical insights from linguistic theory. Topics covered vary by year and may include tree transducers, logics for tree description, weak and strong generative capacity of natural language, lexicalized grammar formalisms, unification grammars, or the expressivity of probabilistic formalisms.


LIN 650 Grad Seminar: Prosody and Grammar

Instructor: Jiwon Yun

This course explores linguistic prosody with focus on its relation with syntax and semantics. Topics include recent theories on syntax-phonology and semantics-phonology interface. Students will explore the prosodic patterns of the languages of their own interest to apply and evaluate theories. Students will also learn experimental methods for prosody research and computational analysis of speech.


LIN 651 Syntax Seminar

Instructor: Richard Larson

Topics in syntax architecture