Linguistics Department Events

Colloquium Series

The SBU Linguistics Department has held our Colloquium Series for many years, inviting speakers from various fields of linguistics.  Typically, there are six colloquium speakers each semester.  Colloquia take place on Friday afternoons, followed by a reception at the home of a faculty member, or in the department seminar room.  View past Colloquium Events.

Linguistics Lecture Series

Taking place one each semester, the Linguistics Lecture Series (LLS) provides an opportunity to invite esteemed speakers to give talks on a wide range of linguistics (and related) topics.  Speakers give two talks: one intended for a general audience, followed by a linguistics-oriented talk the next day.  View past LLS events.

Brown Bag Talks

Brown Bag Talks are informal lunchtime presentations that normally occur on Wednesdays during campus lifetime. This time can be used for brainstorming and discussion, as well as an opportunity for feedback on practice talks.  View past Brown Bag Talks.

Conferences, Symposia, and other Guest Speakers

In addition to our ongoing event series, the SBU Linguistics Department also regularly hosts international conferences and symposia.  View past conferences.